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Upgrade My Skills is a global leader in the field of training for IT Services. We are industry-acclaimed as proven year after year as many Fortune 500+ companies enlist their employees in our training programmes. We also have a vast number of students from all walks of the IT sector, be it high ranking executives looking to become the number 1 in their domain, mid-level managers or architects looking to climb their way to the top or entry-level IT Service technicians or engineers who wish to gain knowledge in order to ensure that the first few steps in their careers are the right ones. Therefore, we attract talent from across the world, with our services being provided globally through offline as well as online means. Our courses are certified and accredited in order to ensure that all our students get the maximum value from enrolling in one of our training programmes.

The most important aspect of our organization, with no uncertainty, is our student base. However, a special mention needs to be made about our trainers who are professionals in the IT industry looking to impart their knowledge to other interested students in order to fuel the growth and prosperity of the industry as a whole. Many of our employees have decades of experience under their belt, either in the industry itself or in training services. A few more of our employees are mid-level managers or directors who engage in part-time training activities in order to fulfil their desire of sharing knowledge while also furthering their careers simultaneously. We also have a large number of trainers who have less than 10 years of experience in the IT industry but still have a wealth of knowledge to provide. These trainers also stay with us for the unparalleled peer to peer interactions we offer.

A Trusted Training Partner

At Upgrade My Skills, the philosophy that our trainers follow is that they train not because they have to but because they want to. We feel obligated to enrich the IT Industry as we are a part of its family. Arguably the most important aspect of our training services is how much faith the industry has in us. This faith is proven year after year as many globally acclaimed organizations come to us to enrol their employees in our training programmes. Employees from IT companies throughout the world enlist in our programmes in order to develop their skills and further their knowledge so that they can advance in their careers. Therefore, we are a trusted training partner in the eyes of the industry and nothing is more fulfilling to us than being able to see the look of satisfaction and contentment on our students’ eyes after they have completed our training programmes. The gratitude they shower us with is only an added bonus.

Our Trainers

We attract talent from across the world who want to be trainers in our organization, either in a part-time capacity or as full-time employees. At the top of our training hierarchy we have employees with decades of experience in the IT Industry looking to impart their enormous knowledge to others. Then, we have mid-level managerial or directorial employees who wish to tap into our vast network while also imparting their knowledge to other employees. We also have a large number of trainers who have less than 10 years of experience in the industry but also have a large amount of knowledge to provide. These employees have been consistent performers in their short stints and therefore have shown promise in delivering top notching training to our students.

International Industry Standards and Compliance

We at Upgrade My Skills pride ourselves on being one of the most ethical organizations not just in the IT Industry but across all industries worldwide. Therefore, it is natural that we perfectly comply with any International Industry Standard, with no compromise as to circumventing these regulations. All our trainers, training programmes and the organizational setup as a whole completely falls in line with international industry standards. We also make significant efforts in order to ensure that our programmes are well above the minimum standards set by these regulations as we are in this line of business to have a positive impact on society.

Renowned as one of the best professional certification training provider across the globe, we do tend to stick on to providing extensive quality based training to individuals and enterprises. The training we provide has served quite pivotal in shaping professionals over a million with the assistance of a superior quality courseware and highly experienced and professional trainers. With the aid of knowledge and skills acquired from this course aspirants can not only boost their career in an exponential way but also assist enterprises in customizing their workforce to a whole new standard escalating enterprise ROI through competitive pricing. Our highly qualified, experienced and accredited trainers blend their online, virtual classroom and corporate training modes with 24*7 training to maintain and develop each of our certification result to maximum.
The certification courses & training we offer are globally recognized and it can transform your career to new heights. Enterprises and thousands of professionals are trained & certified globally to achieve their goals and generate an exponential ROI. The certification courses we provide caters to a wide variety of industries including IT Service Management, Project Management, Quality Management, IT Security and Governance, DevOps, Cloud, Program Management, Agile and Scrum that can enable a business growth and technological relevance.
At Upgrade My Skill, our whole team aims to deliver development solutions to both enterprise and professionals around the globe and assist them to stay updated with industry best result oriented practices and skill sets which are constantly subjected to transformation.
Our globally acclaimed training solutions will continue to assist enterprises and professionals worldwide to expand their result oriented practices and skill sets to a newer level. We aim to train 1 million professionals by end of 2020 and be assistance to fulfill business goals.

Key Features of Our Certification Training

Professional Trainers

25,000+ Professional Trainers

Our global network of over 25000 trainers ensures reliability and timeliness

Highly Qualified Trainers

Highly Qualified Trainers

Our trainers are industry experts and/or experts in training with decades of experience

Customized Trainings Available

Customized Trainings Available

Our trainings are flexible and can be modified according to the needs of the students

Trusted Training Partner

A trusted training partner for many Fortune 500+ companies

We are a world-renowned trusted name even in the corporate big leagues

Rated With

Rated with 95% training satisfaction

We guarantee satisfaction for the trainees as well as their organizations

Superior Quality

Superior quality courseware to enhances learning experience

The courseware has been hand-crafted in order to ensure the best learning experience




Training Satisfaction

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